Lady Hale, The Most Senior Judge in the UK

Baroness Hale is to become the first female President of the Supreme Court.

Known for encouraging equality, diversity and the rights of children, Tod & Mitchell welcome the appointment of Lady Hale as the most senior judge in the UK.

The (outgoing) President Neuberger has said:

For Lady Hale to become president of the institution to which she has contributed so much is a fitting pinnacle to a truly ground-breaking career.

As a family law specialist, her compassionate judgements are often relied upon by our solicitors in proceedings involving children.

Alongside this news, there were two other important announcements. Lady Justice Black will be the second ever woman to sit on the Supreme Court, also a family law specialist and Mr Justice Singh, born in India, will sit as the first ethnic minority judge on the Court of Appeal in England.

Our judiciary is becoming more diverse, albeit slowly. Figures published in April of this year show that 28% of court judges in England are female. In Scotland, that percentage is just 23% as of September 2016. The Guardian reported earlier this month that the number of black, asian and ethnic minority judges rose just 1% in the last year.

For the first time in British history, the head of state, the head of government and the head of justiciary are all female.