Theft & Robbery Solicitors Paisley

Theft & Robbery Criminal Solicitors Paisley
Tod and Mitchell specialise in all aspects of criminal defence work including theft and robbery and regularly appear in criminal courts throughout Scotland dealing with cases in the High Court of Justiciary, the Sheriff Court and the Justice of the Peace Court.

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Tod and Mitchell and our team of highly respected and experienced solicitors are well-known for our professional approach, vast knowledge of law and high percentage of case wins. Our head office is based in Paisley giving us the perfect central location for working with clients attending courts in Glasgow, Paisley, Dumbarton, Greenock and many more courts across Scotland.

Theft & Robbery Solicitors Paisley

Theft and Robbery

Theft and Robbery are classed as crimes of dishonesty.  Both are serious offences to be accused of and can be tried in Justice of the Peace Court, the Sheriff Court and, in certain circumstances, the High Court of Justiciary.

The consequences of being convicted of either could be catastrophic, not only for your personal life but for your career prospects. At Tod & Mitchell we offer comprehensive legal representation when accused of such crimes.

Theft is described as

“the dishonest appropriation of another person’s goods without his consent, with the intention of depriving him of them”.

It seems rather obvious, but sometimes it is overlooked that the goods must belong to somebody else. The Crown have got to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that not only did the person take the item, but also that they intended to deprive the person of their property. There are many examples of theft, most commonly perhaps theft by shoplifting.

Robbery is theft accomplished by means of personal violence. Technically it is a distinct crime from theft, but in effect it is theft aggravated by personal violence or intimidation. The violence used need not amount to an assault, simply any degree of violence or intimidation is sufficient, so long as it is for the purpose of stealing the property. Therefore, robbery takes may forms and need not be simply walking into a bank with a gun and demanding money. The violence or threat of violence must precede the theft. If it were the other way around, it would be separate crimes of assault and theft. It is therefore essential to establish what was in the mind of the perpetrator when the violence was exercised.

Our legal team at Tod & Mitchell have access to all of the current case law and will scrutinise every piece of evidence in order to provide you with the best defence should you be charged with either Theft or Robbery.


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