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Legal Aid Criminal Solicitors Glasgow Scotland
Tod and Mitchell specialise in all aspects of criminal defence work and regularly appear in criminal courts throughout Scotland dealing with cases in the High Court of Justiciary, the Sheriff Court and the Justice of the Peace Court.

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Tod and Mitchell and our team of highly respected and experienced solicitors are well-known for our professional approach, vast knowledge of law and high percentage of case wins. Our head office is based in Paisley giving us the perfect central location for working with clients attending courts in Glasgow, Paisley, Dumbarton, Greenock and many more courts across Scotland.

Criminal Legal Aid Solicitors Glasgow

Criminal Legal Aid / Payment for Legal Services

All solicitors at Tod & Mitchell are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) as qualified to obtain legal aid on behalf of clients.

We are registered to provide the whole spectrum of legal aid professional services and have the forms and internet resources to apply for and obtain legal aid for our clients.

To qualify for the Criminal Legal Assistance Register the firm of Tod and Mitchell carries out legally aided criminal services closely monitored by SLAB to ensure compliance with legal aid regulations.

We are very proud of our record of compliance with SLAB and the quality of service we are able to offer our clients whose case is funded by legal aid.

scottish-legal-aid-solicitors-glasgowThe SLAB web site ( provides the following guidance regarding the provision of legal aid…

“Funding to help people who qualify to get legal advice, or for a solicitor to act for them in court.

Criminal legal assistance can include advice and assistance and criminal legal aid. The help you can get will depend on:

.1. the seriousness of the charges you face

.2. whether you are in custody

.3. whether you plan to plead guilty or not guilty

If you think you need the help of a legal aid solicitor, you should contact one as soon as possible if you:

.1. have been served with a penalty/fine/direct measure/other alternative      to going to court and you want to go to court to challenge it.
.2. you are a suspect at a police station
.3. are in custody in a police cell
.4. have been released to later appear in court
.5. have received a letter telling you to go to court to face criminal charges.

Our first consultation is free and if you qualify for legal aid we will complete the legal aid forms and do all the work for you in submitting an application for legal aid. We may require to have you complete financial mandates and provide proof of income and bank statements but all the rest of the work in the application process will be carried out by the solicitors and fully trained administrative staff of Tod & Mitchell .

If legal aid is granted then the financial burden of your case will be covered by SLAB and that will one less problem for you to worry about.

Private Fee Clients

If you don’t qualify for legal aid then we will assess your case and quote a fee for our professional services.

Our professional fee will include all work to be carried out in the case from start to finish with no hidden costs or last minute extras.
Tod and Mitchell work on the basis that it is important to give our clients peace of mind to know the fee quoted will cover the whole case .

In certain circumstances we agree a payment by instalments method and this is dealt with on a case by case basis.


It is important to understand that with Tod and Mitchell we offer a service which includes a free initial consultation and thereafter the combined strength of our solicitors collective experience and expertise.

All of our clients cases are subject to on going review by all our solicitors in daily case conference meetings.

Our clients benefit from not just one or two lawyers but the combined skill and knowledge of our team with over 20 years experience.

Whether your case is funded by legal aid or privately , Tod & Mitchell will do everything we can to provide an exemplary and outstanding legal service to our clients.


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