Robert Mitchell

Criminal Defence Solicitor Advocate

Robert Mitchell

Hi, I’m Robert Mitchell – a criminal defence lawyer based in Paisley, Glasgow Scotland.

About Bob

Robert Mitchell is one of the founding partners of Tod & Mitchell and has practised there since 1989. Robert is a Solicitor Advocate, with rights of audience in the High Court of Justiciary and already he has built up a wealth of experience in defending clients who are prosecuted there.

A masterful chess and poker player in his own time, Robert has a flair for “thinking outside of the box” and anticipating his opponent’s next move. His proven track record in court craft has resulted in his being instructed in a number of very serious and complex cases in the High Court and his calm, analytical mind is often a welcome attribute to those facing grave charges on Indictment in the High Court.

Robert also has extensive experience of summary work in courts throughout Scotland and is a senior and well respected court practitioner. He has successfully conducted a number of life Parole tribunals for persons serving life sentences for murder and has a wealth of experience in this area. Robert is a regular contributor to the Journal of Law Society of Scotland.


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